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Mural courtesy of Woodzart

For those of you who know me in real life, you know that I live, eat and breathe in black yoga pants and I’m not even ashamed about it.

You can dress them “up”, dress them down and considering its my work uniform it’s quick and easy. I work…a lot; but on the rare occasion that I get a weekend off, I love to throw on yoga pants (with a white T, of course), top it with a leather or denim jacket and I’m out the door.


Custom denim jacket by Cheap Label Whore
Adidas Adilette Slides (asos.com)                            Vintage LV Trocadero 30 (poshmark)

This weekend wasn’t any different. I paired it with a denim jacket from my own collection, a white T (surprise, surprise), my new (to me) vintage Louis Vuitton Trocadero 30, some fancy costume jewelry and my go-to Adidas slides (this summer’s must have).


Necklaces by HRH Collection (shophrh.co)


Enjoy whores,

xx Debby


Madeira Packing Essentials



Blue shirt
$25 – yoins.com

Adidas t shirt

Out From Under white top

Comme des Garçons cotton t shirt

Short skirt

New Look distressed jeans
$26 – newlook.com

Jean shorts

Yasmin Yoga Harem Jog Pant
$2.60 – boohoo.com

Fitflop shoes

Reef brown shoes

Adidas sandals
$33 – office.co.uk

Crossbody handbag
$5.35 – newchic.com

Gottex fedora hat

Adidas mens shoes
So, if you don’t  know me yet, let me introduce myself. I’m Debby AKA Rosie (see previous posts) and I’m a major impulse buyer. Which leads me to today’s topic. I literally just booked an impromptu vaca to the Madeira Island and leave in exactly one month from today.
With that being said; I, like I’m sure many, am an overpacker. For example, in April I went to Cancun, Mexico for 7 days and somehow managed to pack for a month because of all the “what if’s”. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?! The “what if” I meet a hot guy and he wants to take me on a fancy dinner date while my kid stays in the hotel room by herself?! Or, “what if” it gets super cold and I only brought summer clothes?! “What if” I want to wear heels to walk around the shopping center?!
Needless to say, none of those things ever happen, minus the time I actually left my kid in the room alone to grab Starbucks. Relax! She was asleep and the Starbucks was located in the lobby, bunch of judges you all are! || insert eye-roll ||
Anyway, I decided this time around I would compile pieces that I already have in my closet that were basics and could be used in multiple ways (I’m a visual person).
The pieces above literally can be combined into 20 different ways, and the best part? I already have them all! I know what you’re thinking, it’s mostly all black & white, well it matches my personality. I’m a white girl with a black soul…haha.
 Madeira Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco. It has a Mediterranean climate so year round the temps range from 60-75 degrees on average. I wanted to be sure I had options regardless of weather. The items I chose are super versatile and I even added a thin bomber that I got for $10 at ZARA (it pays to be petite and be able to fit in kids clothes, go on and hate me).
The moral of the story (no, it wasn’t a geography lesson) is that you can pack light, look fabulous, and still have variety.
xx Debby

Long Overdue Review..


My curiousity always gets the best of me when I hear about new products, especially designer ones I can actually afford. So, as you can imagine, as soon as I read that Balmain came out with a haircare line I immediately ran to google. Surprisingly enough it wasn’t as expensive as I had anticipated. Although I don’t normally gravitate towards “designer” haircare products, only because they usually aren’t that good, something about this line truly intrigued me.

Naturally, I was curious about the price point. The line varies, the products range from $26-$135.

This is so interesting, they have everything from basic shampoo & conditioner to sea salt spray, dry shampoo, blow dryers, even full on hair extension care kits as well as actual human hair extensions. Pierre is legit genius!

Now for the good stuff..

I didn’t want to invest in a full on bottle, so I purchased the Balmain SS16 cosmetic travel bag set, which includes shampoo (50ml), conditioner (50ml), and salt spray (50ml) which comes in this super cute makeup bag. Retail value for this was $35.50. (HairHQ.com) Not bad, right?! I figured even if I hated it, I would at least end up with a cute bag.


The final say?!…

I’m literally OBSESSED! It made my hair super smooth and shiny, it smelled absolutely divine! The sea salt spray literally does its job, I accidentally sprayed too much and instead of looking like Pamela Anderson in her red Baywatch bathing suit coming out the water after she just saved a hott guys life, I looked like a wet Chihuahua caught in a thunderstorm…not cute.

I know what you’re thinking, there HAS to be a con to at least one of these products..and yes, yes there is. The one thing I truly hated about the shampoo is there is barely any lather. I had to use a ton of product to get a good lather. Now, that could’ve been partly because my hair was truly dirty the first time I used it, needless to say it was worth using more product for me even though I used up the bottle quicker.


These products are Paraben-free, contain Argan Oil, Pto-vitamin B5 & UV-shields. It’s truly, truly worth the small splurge, especially for luscious locks.


Overall, I give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars and am online as we speak ordering the full size kit.

Happy shopping whores!

xx Debby



ColourPop Haul



I decided to go on ColourPop’s website at wee hours of the morning and it must’ve been fate because they were having a flash sale. Although, I was placed in a “waiting room”, I knew somehow it would be worth the wait and boy was it.

After placing two separate orders online, here is what the package looked like..

I must say its the prettiest package that I ever did see.


In this pretty box I had 1 blush, 2 bronzers, 4 shadows and 3 liquid lipsticks. All items are individually retailed anywhere between $5-$8. Insane right?!

The bronzers I chose were (L-R) Poolside, which is a satin & Carry-On, which is matte.


The blush I chose was equally as gorgeous! It’s called Between the Sheets (got to love when makeup companies get all sexual..haha) and it’s a matte finish.


The shadows are also stunning and the pigmentation is unreal! (T-B)


Wattles, a dusty, beige pink satin shade; I would even use it as a highlighter.

Bill, a muted plum, beige matte shade; my favorite shade thus far. I need to find me a real life Bill..sigh.

Mixed Tape, a mid-tone cool grey pearlized shade; makes me reminisce the 80’s.

Party Time,  a dusty mauve-grey matte shade.

I absolutely love these shades and can’t wait to play with the shade combinations.

Last, but not least, my most frequently purchased makeup item..liquid lipsticks. Let me start by saying that I have tons, I mean TONS of liquid lipsticks and these have by far become my ultimate favorite. Not only are they pigmented, but they last FOREVER!





imageAren’t they sooooo gorgeous?!?! Trust me when I tell you that you need these NOW.

I’ll just sit and wait for you to pause from reading this post and go order a few. It’s ok, I’ll wait…don’t worry.

(insert Jeapoardy theme song)


All in all, this was the best impulse purchase I’ve made in a long time, go getchu some! I have since placed another order (only God can judge me boo, and He seems quite impressed..lol).


xx Debby

Where have I been?!

It’s literally been a month since I’ve last posted, and boy has it been a busy one. Being a single mom of a pre-teen, everyday life and juggling four jobs (yes, four) there is little time for what I love to do, and that’s blogging about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and decor.

Recently my younger sister, who was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Baby X, asked me to redecorate her home, and being that I went to school for Interior Design once upon a time, I without any hesitation or obligation, agreed. If there is anything I love besides fashion it’s home decor; I consider it fashion but for your home, add that to my shopping addiction (at least that’s what my dad diagnosed me with having..haha) and I’m in utter paradise.

I asked all the basic questions that any ID should ask; budget, likes/dislikes, wants/desires/must-haves and I went to work.

Her only requirement per say, was that I turn her dark living/dining room and make it bright with pops of color; her inspiration was OhJoy! for Target…piece of cake!


The before wasn’t bad at all, but we felt it was slightly outdated, and although the walls weren’t too dark, something about the tone of this room made it drab.

So I turned this, into this…



The paint alone made this room seem 2x’s brighter! I added burnt orange drapes, bright pillows and of course a snazzy gallery wall. The best thing of it all is that all these bright decor pieces can be easily changed for the seasons, yet the bare bones remain neutral.


Now, with her awaiting the arrival of a newborn we wanted to make sure that big brother X had a space to keep him entertained and feel special while mom was attending to a new addition. So I surprised them both with a space for him to call his own.



I took what otherwise would’ve been an unused corner of the room and turned it into his own space, where he could not only play, but create. This “desk” is actually an IKEA coffee table. A photo ledge, turned into his gallery display and a kitchen caddy, turned into an art supply organizer. Oh, to be a 3 yr old again…sigh!

Last  but not least, I turned an empty dining room (she was so sick of her dining room table that she was quick to remove it before I could take a picture, that bad, eh?! Eek!) from this…



To this..image


Hanging the floor mirror made a huge difference in opening the space. Lighter wood furniture, bright accessories and voilà a bigger, brighter dining room. Looking at this picture alone makes me hungry, but then again I’m always hungry.

Let’s not forget the accessories..


Is it me, or do fresh flowers scream happiness?!

 Wanna’ know the best part of this project?! 80% of everything purchased was on clearance at Target! Persistence & patience pays! (No, this isn’t sponsored by Target, but I wouldn’t mind..holla’ at ya’ girl Tarjay..haha). So your home can be beautiful on a budget.

Have any questions on items, prices, locations found, etc?! Email me or comment below and I’ll be happy to share my finds.



Debby xx



ColourPop Interview:



I was elated when given the opportunity to interview Jordynn Wynn from ColourPop Cosmetics and have the chance to ask her both career and beauty questions.

ColourPop was born, raised and made in Los Angeles. They are luxury cosmetics at a very affordable price..and by affordable I mean they cost $5 a piece! Yes, a Lincoln for each item! They don’t test on animals and have become successful very quickly.

To learn more or browse their grand selection visit their website at http://www.colourpop.com.

Now to the important part; the interview!


CLW: What exactly is your role at ColourPop?

JW: “I am a Marketing Specialist at ColourPop.”

CLW: What makes ColourPop stand out amongst its competitors?

JW: “Founded based on belief that amazing products don’t have to cost a fortune. Our community immediately recognized the amazing value of the product and encouraged us from day one to develop new shades and formulas. All development includes feedback from our customers, fans, friends and collaborators”

 CLW: How did ColourPop come about?

JW: “ColourPop was founded in May 2014 by Laura and John Nelson under SEED beauty, both with over 15 years of industry experience. We started with 31 shades of an eye shadow for $5 each, based on the belief that amazing products don’t have to cost a fortune.”

CLW: Where does ColourPop draw it’s inspiration from?

JW: “We pull inspiration from everywhere! Social Media, the runway.. The brand has been built on different ideas, perspectives of beauty. We embrace a democratic approach to product development that incorporates the feedback from our customers and fans versus a top down approach.”

 CLW: What would you say is the biggest beauty blunder women make?

JW: “That’s a tough one! I don’t take makeup TOO seriously so I think it’s hard to mess it up. I guess I would say just rushing makeup application in general. Blending takes awhile and makes all the difference! Same goes for winged eyeliner, lip liner, etc. I always make sure I have ample time to apply and get the lines just right as I think clean lines can really make or break a look!”

CLW: What are some tips for making your lipstick, eyeshadow, etc. last longer?

JW: “To make lipsticks last longer I would say you should definitely wear a primer and a lip liner. I never wore either until I started working at ColourPop. I am now addicted to our Lippie Primer and can’t wear lipstick without it…it makes a huge difference in how clean your lips look.”

CLW: What makeup trends/colors do you foresee for SS16?

JW: “Lots of blues and greens! Very peacocky mermaid-y shades! Bold, bright eyeliners, lots of hues of pinks on the lips: pinks, corals and reds.”

CLW: What is your go-to lip color?

JW: “Oh my, I have so many. My go-to is probably either Aquarius Lippie Stix or Contempo Lippie Stix.”

CLW: If you were on a deserted island, what 5 beauty products would you bring?

JW: “I would bring:

  • Philosophy Purity Made Simple Face Wash
  • ColourPop Birthday Suit Blush
  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
  • Dr. Jart BB Cream

..and definitely a moisturizer but I haven’t found one I super love just yet.”


Jordynn definitely showed a passion for ColourPop through her interview. Personally, knowing that it’s not only cheap (as in whore cheap; cheap in price, but long lasting..lol) but that they don’t test on animals AND take customer feedback very seriously. They even ask you to share your thoughts on new products and shades that they should make! Plus, did I mention they are only $5 a piece?! Bam bitches!

Try their products, it won’t disappoint. You’re welcome!


xx Debby


| old is new again |

As all you whores should know by now, I’m obsessed with Olivia Palermo; so when I saw her recently in a photo wearing flare-leg jeans I legit ran to my closet and rummaged through my clothes (I would post a picture of it, if I wasn’t so damn embarrassed at how messy it was) to see if I still kept all my flare-leg jeans from a few years ago, and sure enough I did.

It’s making a come back and as all fashion eventually does | old has become new again | but of course, with a trendy twist. I’ve composed my Top 5 must have flare-leg jeans.



Classic Flare Jeans $20.99 (on sale now! http://www.forever21.com)


Flare High Jeans  $39.99 (www.hm.com)


The Stunner Cruiser $230 (www.revolveclothing.com)


BLANKNYC ‘Hotel’ Flare Jeans $58.80 (on super sale now! http://www.nordstrom.com)


Flea Market Flares $135 (www.madewell.com)

Although I have a few pairs already, I’m itching to buy the BLANKNYC pair from Nordstrom, especially since they are on super sale. Now, I know that old to new trends can be intimidating to style but don’t fret. Not only should you wear them with platform booties (as I always did) but why not throw on a pair of pointy stilettos, tear up the knees, add a slouchy t-shirt and then top it off with a blazer..voilà, très chic!

Here’s some inspiration for you, you’re welcome ♥


Need more style inspo or tips?! Leave a comment below or email me..

love you whore,

debby xx



2016 Pantone Color of the Year


I don’t know about you but I’m seriously OVER winter; granted, it hasn’t even technically started considering we’ve had zero snow and it’s been in the low 40’s to mid 60’s. Regardless, I’m already dreaming of my 2016 Spring wardrobe and things I’m coveting for the new year, so I’ve decided to research upcoming 2016 Spring trends and with that comes, color!

First, and foremost Pantone has released its Pantone 2016 Color of the Year (or in 2016’s case) colors of the year.

Not sure what that means?! Here’s the cliff notes version…

Pantone is a company out of New Jersey that meets twice a year around the world to choose a color for the following year, that color then is released and used by fashion designers, interior designers and other consumer-oriented companies in which they determine future designs and trends.

This year, Pantone’s colors are Rose Quartz (a warm rose tone) & Serenity (a cool tranquil blue). I’ve always been a blue fan, it’s actually my favorite color and who doesn’t love rose?!


Along with the Color of the Year, Pantone also releases a chart of top 10 colors that they feel “pair well” and also set the trends.


It’s like an explosion of amazing colors, from pastel to super bold. In speaking for myself, I’m super excited and by super excited I mean slightly panicking because I normally live in black and I usually only add pops of color in my accessories. Maybe, just maybe this will help break me out of my comfort zone. Fingers crossed whores.

Without realizing you’ve probably already seen these colors on newstands and in stores. I’ve been scouring the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Vogue and Porter to name a few, so here’s a little inspo for you, you’re welcome.








Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how to use/wear these colors!

love you whores..

xx Debby

Looks for Less

Looks for Less


Olivia Palermo, along with Kourtney Kardashian and Sarah Jessica Parker, are by far my favorite style icons, so any time I see a fab street style or red carpet look, I always love to research where I can get the originals; but even more importantly how I can duplicate it for much less, hence “Cheap Label Whore” was born.
Do you have any Looks for Less that you’d like to see? Leave me a comment below and tell me who/what you’d like me to post!
xx Debby

Whore-vember Favorites..


hello whores,

welcome to Whore-vember Favorites, its where I recommend my faves of the month; one whore to another.

shall we begin?!

Let me first start off by saying, I have an obese child living within my soul and when she comes out (which is more often than I’d like to admit) she likes to eat like shit and then does a two hour workout sesh at yoga and somehow thinks its a wash…it isn’t. Anyway, when she comes out (let’s just call her Rosie), Rosie likes to eat Jolly Rancher Bites, like a whole bag in one sitting..no joke! It’s gotten so bad, that on Rosie’s birthday she received bags and bags of JR Bites. Diabetes Rosie, diabetes.

Jolly Rancher Bites (Target, $2.99) 

Next, die hard Sephora favorites..

Blender Cleanser Solid by beauty blender, this brush cleanser is AHHMAZING! There is literally no other cleanser you’ll want or need if you are a makeup lover that uses makeup brushes or sponges. Which leads me to the next fave..

Blender Cleanser Solid (Sephora, $16)

Beauty Blender Pro & Beauty Blender micro mini, it just gives you the most flawless makeup application and is perfect for beginners. I use the Pro for foundation and liquid bronzer and the micro mini for concealer. Just buy it!

Beauty Blender Pro & Beauty Blender micro mini (Sephora, Pro $20; micro mini 2 pack, $18)

Too Faced “Born This Way” foundation. wow. It’s literally a dream. It leaves your skin completely flawless, like a perfect newborn baby’s skin (hence the name), it’s medium to full coverage but your skin doesn’t get cake-y and gross, capiche?? You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Too Faced “Born This Way” (Sephora, $39)

Living Proof. prime style extender, where do I even begin with this product without doing a whole blog post alone on this?! Question: Do you want your glossy locks to look like Rachel from Friends? BUY IT! (fyi, Jennifer Aniston is actually the co-owner of Living Proof.) It not only extends the style of your hair, it smells amazing and was actually founded in Boston. Ding!

Living Proof. prime style extender (Sephora, $12-$59)

Oh, Boscia! Where have you been all my life??? Rosie was watching a YouTube guru’s October favorites, which she tends to do while stuffing her face with Jolly Ranchers and Magnum ice cream pops, and the guru was raving about Boscia’s Exfoliating Peel Gel and how it was perfect at not only gently exfoliating the skin but also brightening the skin. I was sold. I decided to purchase it during the Sephora VIB sale. While there, the sassy salesman tried it on my hand and let me just say it is absolutely life changing! You can literally see your skin peel off, which is not only gross but mind boggling. I decided to buy the Boscia Japanese Favorites Kit, it includes the peel, the detoxifying cleanser, luminizing black mask and Tsubaki beauty oil.

Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel (Sephora, $34; Kit, $35)

now we’ve only just begun (sigh)…


Last couple of favorites from Sephora (no, this isn’t sponsored) one of which would be the NARS x Steven Klein Collaboration “One Shocking Moment” cheek palette. Let me add that I am completely obsessed with anything NARS, let alone all of the great collaborations that they launch (hey NARS?! call me..) If you know anything about NARS, you know that they are not only expensive but have the most pigmented, long lasting products and it’s truly worth every penny. This palette has an all-in-one combo that is perfect for travel or a makeup starter kit. It has a hefty price tag, BUT, you receive a bronzer, a contour shade, a highlight & four blushes. Considering each of these items would normally retail between $30-$39, its a steal! Get it before its gone for good..

NARS x Steven Klein Collaboration “One Shocking Moment” cheek palette (Sephora, $69)

Ain’t nobody got time for bad brows! Nobody. Want a perfect brow? Anastasia Brow Wiz. Enough said.

Anastasia Brow Wiz (Sephora, $21)

My last Sephora favorite for this month would be my Elizabeth & James (aka Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) Nirvana roller ball perfume. There is Nirvana White and Nirvana Black, and although I love both, I’ve been wearing Nirvana White everyday. It’s described as a delicate blend of peony, chic muguet (huh?!), and tender musk. It smells dark (like my soul), sexy and sophisticated. They can also be mixed and used together for a completely different scent. Take a whiff.

Elizabeth & James Nirvana White (Sephora, $25-$100)


I promise there’s only a few more. Chill out Rosie, grab a snack.


Confession time: Nothing grosses me out more than talking to someone with crusty lips. Eww. Like, eww. I can’t help but judge them and wonder why they can’t spend $3 on chapstick. Which brings me to my next favorite, Vaseline lip therapy. Not only does it come in a cute little pot, it’s cheap and comes in various flavors. I personally like the cocoa butter, but I’m no racist. I literally slather it on before bed to the point where my lips feel heavy and I can barely open them without actually putting a little effort into it. Just try it, you’ll understand and then you can thank me the next morning. You’re welcome.

Vaseline lip therapy (Target, $1.89)

Who doesn’t love a nude polish?! I didn’t think so, and O.P.I. certainly never fails to deliver not only one of the best nail polish formulas, but also a vast variety of nude shades. My fave ATM? “Don’t Bossa Nova-Me Around”; that’s right, the perfect nude polish for you bad a$$ betches.

O.P.I. nail lacquer in “Don’t Bossa Nova-Me Around” (Target, $8.39-$10.99)


It’s the final countdown! If you don’t know thats a song or who sings it, you’re too young bro’. Which lead me to my favorite song of the month.

Hello?! It’s me.. #Adele25

Last but certainly not least my final favorite for the month would have to be my Daniel Wellington “Classic Sheffield” leather strap watch. It’s a classic black leather band with white face and rose gold detailing. You can take it from casual to chic, and for the price it’s the perfect accessory.

Daniel Wellington “Classic Sheffield” leather strap watch (Nordstrom, $199)



Yikes, that was a long laundry list of favorites. If you’ve stuck around until now, thank you. If you have tried any of these favorites please let me know your thoughts behind them and most importantly share with me your favorites so that I have new things to bring to December’s favorites.

Rosie will bring cookies.



xx Debby